Serving Montgomery County, PA

    Our landscape & lawn service is very simple; we provide maintenance and care of residential and commercial lawns, gardens and ornamental trees. We are typically known as: lawn mowing company, lawn care company, lawn maintenance company, lawn service company, landscape maintenance company just to name a few.

Residential Services
  • Lawn Service
  • Lawn Care
  • Tree & Shrub Care
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Commercial Services
  • Lawn Service
  • Lawn Care
  • Tree & Shrub Care

callnow Ingram Lawn & Garden ensures the curb appeal and health of your entire landscape. We provide lawn cutting service, lawn care programs and lawn & landscape programs to insure healthy, disease free lawns and landscapes. Ingram Lawn & Garden does the weeding of your foundation plantings and gardens, cuts the grass around your lawn and garden edges, and prunes and trims your ornamental trees and landscape shrubs. We also provide the important spring and fall cleanup services. We treat your lawn and garden just like it's ours. If your looking for a lawn mowing, grass cutting, lawn contractor, lawn service, lawn cutting, lawn maintenance, landscape contractor, landscape services, mulch application, lawn aeration & overseeding, fall leaf cleanup & collection, landscape design and installations, lawn and garden maintenance, organic lawn care, grub control, lime applications, or a landscape maintenance company call Ingram Lawn & Garden located in Flourtown, Pa. today. We service a variety of towns throughout Bucks & Montgomery counties. Call us today for a free estimate.    


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