February 18, 2021

Spring Cleanup Time

In a few weeks we begin our seasonal landscape service projects. Right now we are just waiting for the snow to clear. All of our machines have been serviced and are ready to go. First up….we have a variety of landscape projects, spring cleanups, first lawn applications of the season, over-seeding lawns, and a long list of mulching jobs on our project list before we ever begin cutting lawns. We will begin as soon as […]
January 18, 2021

Landscape Contractor Near Me!

We receive a fair amount of online inquiries and referral telephone calls. The most common online search term these days is “landscape contractor near me”! We always are adding new properties to our existing routes but do not vary too much from our current paths. Each season we lose a few customers to job relocations, downsizing (most common) or families looking for larger houses and property. We welcome new accounts as it often provides us […]
January 2, 2019

Lawn Application Service- Lawn Care Service

Searching for the best lawn service and lawn application company? Ingram Lawn & Garden a local residential and commercial landscape contractor service provides custom tailored seasonal lawn applications to improve your lawns health. We use natural lawn care products to protect the environment. A combination of granular fertilizers are applied with most lawn service applications along with a liquid herbicide treatment to eliminate and control weeds. Our Basic 5 Lawn Application program includes five seasonal […]