Landscape Property Maintenance Programs

Ingram Lawn & Garden prides itself in our attention to detail while lawn cutting and maintaining your lawn and landscape, that's our business. Landscaping and lawn care is one of the most cost effective ways to improve the curb appeal of your home and add real value. After completion of cutting your lawn we inspect the property to ensure all areas were cut and trimmed properly. Grass clippings will remain on the grass so they can decompose naturally adding valuable nutrients. Landscape property maintenance services include: weekly lawn cutting and maintenance, core lawn aeration & over-seeding, seasonal weed & feed programs, hardwood mulch installation, shrub trimming, landscape contractor services, landscape design & tree & shrub plant installation, weekly weeding of landscaped beds, spring and fall cleanup, leaf collection, leaf removal, grub control, lime applications, crabgrass control applications, outdoor mosquito & tick treatments and more. Our specialty is one stop service programs for your complete landscape property maintenace. We take control of the outside of your property (lawn & landscape) to insure it always looks it's best. A common keyword search is: landscape contractor near me. We service: Ambler, Blue Bell, Dresher, Ft. Washington, Lower Gwynedd, Lafayette Hill, Lansdale, Maple Glen, North Wales, Wyndmoor , Pa.

Weekly Lawn Cutting Services Offered

Property Maintenance Services Basic Premium A La Carte
Grass Cutting
Grass Debris Blowing
Lawn, Paved & Garden Edging
Landscape Bed Weeding
Ornamental Tree/Shrub Maintenance
Stick & Branch Removal

Ingram Lawn & Garden Residential Property Management & Maintenance Programs Include

  • Weekly grass cutting
  • Weekly edging along walkways, driveways, patios, and gardens
  • Grass trimming in hard to get to locations
  • Grass clippings blown off paved surfaces
  • Debris removed as needed from lawn cutting areas
  • Weekly garden maintenance
  • Shrubs pruned, replaced as needed
  • Lawn applications applied on time and as needed tailored to your property needs
  • Harwood mulch application as needed
  • Leaf removal as needed
  • Core lawn aeration & lawn restotration as needed

Additional Property Maintenance Services

Spring Cleanup

This service includes the cleanup and removal of any fallen tree limbs, broken branches, ornamental tree & shrub pruning and trimming, weed removal, leaf removal, mulch application, pre-emergent applied to landscape beds, gardens edged and debris clean-up. It's important to clean up the lawn before fertilizers are applied.

Fall Cleanup

This fall maintenance service includes the cleanup and removal of any fallen tree limbs, broken branches, ornamental tree & shrub pruning and trimming, weed removal, gardens edged and debris clean-up. It's important to remove all leaves and debris from the lawn before fall and winter fertilizers are applied.

Weeding & Edging

Weed removal from landscaped beds along with garden edging. Typically, we preform this service weekly which is the most cost effective approach.

Leaf Removal

We do leaf cleanup and leaf removal throughout the fall season. Typically, we are asked to schedule several cleanups during the fall season. We normally bring all leaves forward to the curb and remove with our leaf vacuum and truck. In several townships we try and time the leaf collection to the curb for the township removal. Learn More...

Seasonal Flower Bed Plantings

Looking for some seasonal color throughout the growing season. Have us plant your seasonal flower beds which will add continual bloom and color. Our program includes composted soil, fertilizer and a variety of annual plantings for constant blooms. At the end of the season we will remove the old plants and prepare the soil for the next season plantings.

Shrub & Hedge Trimming

As needed shrub and hedge trimming and maintenance during the proper seasonal pruning times.

Ornamental Tree & Shrub Pruning

Specialized hand pruning of each of your ornamental trees and shrubs by experienced staff. Optimum pruning times vary by plant.

Apply Pre-Emergent To Landscaped Gardens

Helps prevent the growth of new weeds. It will not help with existing weeds.

Ornamental Tree & Shrub Planting

Removal and replacement of any damaged, dead or diseased plantings. We also freshen up and plant new trees and shrubs as requested.

Hardwood Mulch Application

Hardwood mulch applied to your landscaped beds about 2.5" in thickness. Helps reduce weeds, and maintain better moisture for each planting. Plants root systems are better insulated from heat and cold when a layer of mulch is properly applied and mulch helps reduce soil erosion. Learn More...

Seeding & Sod Installation

Spot seeding in bare spots or for larger areas installation of sod.

Core Lawn Aeration & Over-Seeding

There is nothing better for your lawns thickness and overall health than lawn aeration & over-seeding. It allows more oxygen into the soil, loosens compacted soil, fills bare spots, thickens the lawn and reduces water wastage. Typically completed in early fall. Learn More...