Leaf Collection & Removal

Ingram Lawn & Garden offers a variety of leaf collection and leaf removal services. For our property management customers we remove leaves weekly to insure their properties always look their best. We also offer leaf removal, leaf pickup and leaf collection services if you got leaves on your property.

1. Leaf collection & removal:

This service is preformed several times during the fall season or a one-time collection & removal. We typically use our own curb leaf vacuum and grinding leaves collection trailer and truck. Stick and branch removal is included.

2. Leaf collection to the curb:

This service is performed several times during the fall season or a one-time collection and to the curb service. Often times we will erect a temporary leaf fence to retain the leaves until the township completes the collection. We will come back and remove the fence once the leaves have been removed. Stick and branch removal is included.

Leaf Removal & Collection Service Offered

Property Management Services Basic Premium A La Carte
Leaf Removal & Collection
Collect & Remove Leaves- 1 time
Collect & Remove Leaves Weekly
Collect & Remove Leaves Monthly
Collect & Move Leaves To Curb
Install Temporary Leaf Fence
Collect & Remove Pine Needles
Collect & Remove Yard Debris
Truck Disposal Charge

Ingram Lawn & Garden leaf collection, leaf pickup, leaf removal service if you got leaves includes the collection of leaves and fallen tree branches and sticks. Sticks and branches need to separated from the leaves which we or the township will vacuum thru a leaf vacuum machine. Sticks and tree branches will cause the leaf vacuum machine to clog.

Pricing of our leaf removal service is charged by a) labor cost; the size and amount of time of our crew is used and b) the percentage of space used in our trucks (15-17 cubic yard capacity) once all leaves and sticks are loaded.

*NOTE: Leaf removal includes traditional leaves, fallen branches and sticks. Although we can remove pine needles, debris and compost this material requires different tools to remove properly and efficiently. This service usually takes longer than leaf removal and is charged separately. We need to know up front if this or other material is being requested for removal so we can bring the proper equipment tools.

For leaf collection, leaf removal, leaf pickup service if you got leaves contact Ingram Lawn & Garden call 267-844-3733