February 27, 2014

Spring Yard Debris Cleanup

We keep hoping that spring is around the corner which is the time of the year we will busy doing spring yard debris cleanup. This year after a long and windy winter we will have plenty of lawns and yards to cleanup. This lawn service is important to maintain a healthy lawn because it removes any fallen leaves from your lawn and gardens, down tree branches and sticks and weeds from landscape beds while we […]
January 28, 2014

Ingram Lawn & Garden Tip for Preparing Spring Landscape Gardens

Here is a tip we use for almost every landscape garden we work on during our spring preparations. Many of our customers have Ingram Lawn & Garden maintain their landscapes in addition to lawn cutting service. Our spring time preparation procedures for landscape gardens include these tasks: Remove dead leaves Remove twigs, dead or diseased branches Remove leftover weeds from the previous season Prune non-flowering shrubs, perennials, roses, non-flowering trees Rack out old mulch where needed Install  a crisp […]